La Boutique de l’ Artisan du Liban

La Boutique de l’ Artisan du Liban

Level GF
All Days 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Founded in Beirut in 1979 by Mouvement Social, L’artisan Du Liban is a social enterprise aiming at preserving Lebanese handicrafts and cultural heritage through creating modern and innovative designs using traditional materials and methods.

L’artisan du Liban seeks to maintain the fine balance between design and tradition, innovation and continuity, aesthetics and functionality and between the value of the handmade and the concurrency of mass manufacturing.

With more than 800 men and women from all Lebanese regions working to revive and propagate disappearing crafts, L’artisan Du Liban has been the primary and sometimes the only commercial outlet to their creations for more than 41 years.

In its efforts to create new jobs in rural and deprived areas, to support talented craftsmen in opening their own workshops and to engage women in productive economic activities generating additional incomes for their families, L’artisan du Liban sets up trainings, workshops and one-on-one technical coaching sessions to teach and perfect specific handicrafts.

In parallel, L’artisan Du Liban pours its efforts into understanding the needs of the modern local market while creating valuable relationships with the international one.

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